ST Imaging Microfilm Scanner Software Support

Software Support

ST Imaging Microfilm Scanners

Technical Support for Hardware and Software

Local On-site Service and Support

All ST Imaging authorized dealers provide local sales, service, and support in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on ST Imaging microfilm scanners. Installation and on-site service will be provided in the authorized dealers service plans. That should also include repair, user training, parts and accessories of the microfilm scanner. Customers are encouraged to first contact their authorized dealer who installed the system with questions about their microfilm scanner.

Factory Support

Technical support for hardware and software is available, as well as repair services, through the manufacturer for a fee.

For all repair, parts and warranty service please contact ST Imaging support toll free at 855-850-0538 or fill out our online support form. A customer service representative will email or fax a Return Material Authorization (RMA) form to you. You will need to use an RMA form to send a unit in for repair.

ST Premium Software

ST Imaging ViewScan Premium Microfilm Scanner SoftwareST Imaging is proud to provide ST Premium Software for the ST ViewScan line of microfilm scanners. As the leading provider of microfilm scanners we are always looking for ways to make our system easier to use and add features that the librarians want and patrons seek. First we have added a mode selection screen that will allow the user to choose their experience level and research requirements. Second, ST Annotation was developed as an exclusive feature that allows the user to add notes, bibliography, highlight, blackout and more. The third major enhancement is ST ClipMerge. The user is now able to combine, resize and arrange multiple clips onto one page. Now their work is more organized and saves paper! The ST Premium Software has made the already field tested and approved ST ViewScan that much more powerful.

Download ST ViewScan 4 Software (free download)
Download ST ViewScan III Software (free download)
Download ST ViewScan II Software (free download)
Download ST ViewScan Software (free download)

On the ST ViewScan and ST ViewScan II you will need the serial number from the CD that was delivered with the ST ViewScan to install ST Premium Software. If you do not have it please email ST Imaging Support with the serial number of your ST ViewScan system. Serial number can be found on the back of the base of the unit.

ST ScanWrite

Applies to the the ST200/ST200X/ST Companion.

We provide on-going updates and enhancements that are free of charge. Here you will find the latest version of the standard ScanWrite software for all supported scanners and Windows Operating Systems.

Please read, “ScanWrite Software and Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating Systems” document before downloading. After which you will be able to download the ScanWrite Software.