ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner

Still laboring on an outdated, outmoded, old microfilm scanner?

Upgrade to the ViewScan 4!

ViewScan 4 microfilm scanner features:
18MP camera, black and white or color optional
PerfectView Software, with an intuitive, modern interface
PerfectFocus Technology
Optional: Windows 11 On-Board Mini PC! 

The ST ViewScan 4 is the 5th generation digital microfilm scanner from ST Imaging. Our team has strived to make microfilm scanning quick and easy, doing so with the ViewScan 4. Equipped with a 9- or 18-megapixel image sensor camera, the ViewScan 4 can scan all types of microfilm.

ST Imaging’s PerfectView Software will dramatically change the way users work with microfilm and microfiche. First, PerfectFocus locks the image into focus, instantly. Delivering clear images without delay. Next, intuitive design makes browsing fast and easy. Finally, users quickly scan and share discoveries via printing, email, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

ST Imaging’s ViewScan microfilm scanner has been awarded a tenth consecutive Platinum Modern Library Award (MLA) from LibraryWorks! The ViewScan 4 is ranked best in its class by librarians for the past decade for its user-friendly interface and ability to produce crisp and clear digital images that can easily be distributed with one of our many smart sharing tools.

Viewscan 4 Microfilm Scanner.
The Clear Choice.

You Have Found Your Microfilm Reader-Printer Replacement.

Discover why the ViewScan 4, with up to an 18 megapixel color image sensor, is the perfect replacement to your old and outdated microfilm reader-printer. Bring your microfilm collection into the digital world with PerfectFocus on the ViewScan 4.

18 Megapixels,
It’s Always On!

Your time is precious. So you want a scanner that is easy-to-use and delivers high resolution images in real time. The ViewScan 4 uses an 18 megapixel image sensor that is Always On streaming high resolution images as you browse, which takes the majority of your time. Other microfilm scanners use pixel-shifting to integrate multiple images to capture a higher resolution but can’t display that higher resolution live while browsing. Make sure you pay for what you want.

ViewScan 4 Users Download PerfectView Today!

PerfectView Software for the ViewScan 4 is available today.

Download PerfectView NOW and see your microfilm like never before! PerfectView software comes with a non-expiring license and free upgrades. Forever. No annual software fees that can cost thousands of dollars over the life of the scanner. Just the best software on the best scanner!


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“I highly recommend the ST ViewScan to any institution or organization that routinely uses microfilm and or microfiche.”

Lucia Flaim

Kansas Room Librarian

A bit in love with the LoC’s microfilm machines. You can *crop* and *scan* and *adjust images on a computer screen* and then *save them*.



“The ST ViewScan makes my job easier and more efficient, true, but the really rewarding thing is seeing patrons adjust so easily and readily to the new reader.”

Lucia Flaim

Kansas Room Librarian

Everything we always wanted – and more!

"The Underhill Reading Room’s new microfilm scanner is everything we always wanted – and more!"



“This scanner has the tools to enhance images so that you’d never know the film was old.”

Maeve Clark

Iowa City Public Library

Microfilm Readers

“It’s a wonderful addition to the library, especially for history buffs,”

Gothenburg Public Library

Microfilm Reader

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