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ST Imaging offers award-winning microfilm scanners for libraries and archives, governments, corporations, and commercial businesses. Our flagship microfilm scanner, the ViewScan 4, is favored among researchers for its superior image quality and user-friendly interface; synonymous for making microfilm research and on-demand record retrieval enjoyable and effortless for end-users! ST Imaging products are sold through a network of exclusive resellers worldwide. Browse the products below to learn more about our microfilm scanners and software.

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Microfilm Scanners

The ViewScan 4 fast tracks microfilm research using an 18-megapixel image sensor that is always on, delivering crisp and clear images in PerfectFocus. The ViewScan is capable of scanning all micrographic media formats and is ideal for on-demand digital retrieval needs.  

The ST ViewScan 4 has the largest, unobstructed optical viewing area of any microfiche scanner and is the only digital microfiche scanner available today that is able to scan all microfiche formats and sizes, in addition to aperture cards.

If your business has a mixed film environment, you will find the ViewScan 4 system can handle all types of film.  That includes 3M cartridges.  The 3M film option allows you to quickly switch between standard rolls and 3M cartridges with minimal effort.

Microfilm Scanner Software

NEW! Our new PerfectView software changes the way you see and work with microfilm! Our streamlined interface makes microfilm research intuitive and effortless for end-users!

Software Add-on Options
ST Imaging Microfilm Scanner Software
ST ViewScan
Premium Software

ST ViewScan Premium is our legacy software for the ViewScan Microfilm Scanner. Installed in offices and libraries around the world, Premium Software has become known as the industry’s benchmark.

Software Add-on Options
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