Support Videos

Unboxing and Installation Video

Unbox and install the ViewScan 4 microfilm scanner from ST Imaging.

PerfectView Film Type Selection

Showing users how to select the film they will be scanning on the ViewScan 4.

PerfectView Film Controls

A quick demonstrating how to move the film using the physical buttons on the carrier as well as the virtual on-screen tools of ST Imaging’s PerfectView Software.

PerfectView Zoom Functions

Learn how to use the optical and digital zoom buttons of PerfectView.

PerfectView Cropping – Scissor Cut and Select

Understand the two ways to crop on ST Imaging’s PerfectView Software, Scissor Cut and Select.

PerfectView Share Tools

Understand the different ways for you to share your discoveries when working on the ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner. You will also learn the different file types you can use when saving. PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and more.

PerfectView Adjustment Controls

Your guide on using the Adjustment Controls within ST Imaging’s PerfectView Software for the ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner.

PerfectView Area Enhance Tools

Your guide to understanding how to use the Area Enhance tools in ST Imaging’s PerfectView Software for the ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner.

OCR on PerfectView

Your guide to using PerfectView’s OCR function, a quick and simple solution to creating word-searchable documents from microfilm.

Rapid Advance on PerfectView

If a user knows where on the microfilm the information they need is, PerfectView’s Rapid Advance tool allows users to advance their quickly.

PerfectView Cruise Control

Learn how to get the best results from PrefectView’s Cruise Control feature.

PerfectView Options

Learn how to access the Options menu and what settings are accessible.

Image Merge and Annotation on PerfectView

Learn how to combine two or more images into one file. You will also see how you can add notes, add watermark, redact, and more.