ST ViewScan Installed on US Aircraft Carrier

NORTHBROOK, IL – ST Imaging ( is proud to announce that the ST ViewScan has been installed onboard a second US Navy aircraft carrier. With their need for an easy to use, space saving microfiche scanner that is able to retrieve microfiche images instantly, the ST ViewScan was the perfect fit to deliver crisp and clear confidential images.

The ST ViewScan is an easy to use viewer/scanner that can be operated with limited training. With the ST ViewScan program running the operator simply places the microfiche on the glass, adjusts the microfiche to line up with the camera and the ST ViewScan displays the desired image on the monitor. This is made even easier by the small size of the camera which allows you to see the microfiche and quickly line up the desired image.

The small space taken up by the ST ViewScan was also critical in this instance. An aircraft carrier might look enormous but every inch is extremely valuable. The compact design of the ST ViewScan made it capable to fit in without taking space away from other important machinery.

Dependability and reliability were other important factors to the US Navy in choosing a microfiche viewer. The ST ViewScan has been able to work days on end without the unit failing. “They can’t stop at a hardware store to pick up a part so they must make it on board,” said Bruce Rennecker, Vice President of ST Imaging. This is a mission critical feature as sailors would need to access their documents with the ST ViewScan around the clock.

We are happy and proud to have our product selected to be on board a second US Navy aircraft carrier and look forward to many more years working with the US Navy to supply the highest quality products for their microfiche needs.

About ST Imaging

ST Imaging is a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of micrographic equipment and other collection scanning solutions. Founded in 1989, the company was acquired in 1999 by Digital Check Corp. In 2004 STI introduced the revolutionary all digital ST200 film scanner, changing the way library customers view film.

The company’s flagship product, the ViewScan film scanner set the standard for making film scanning easy and assessable to the public. ViewScan systems incorporate the latest technology to improve viewing, scanning, editing and sharing of microfilm within libraries, schools, government, business, and other collections.

The Chicago company’s products are available through a worldwide network of Authorized Resellers and are supported by ST Imaging’s comprehensive fulfillment, training, support, warranty and repair services.


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