ST Imaging Launches the Latest in Microform Viewer/Scanner Technology at ALA 2013 in Chicago, IL

ST Imaging debuts ST ViewScan IIOn Friday, June 28th at ALA 2013 in Chicago, IL, ST Imaging debuted to the world the ST ViewScan II, the latest in microform scanning and viewing technology! Every visitor seemed truly excited to see what a modern microfilm/fiche viewer/scanner could look like and how it should perform. In this one device you have the capabilities to digitize any and all microforms from 35mm to Ultrafiche. Once our staff began to demo the system all visitors marvelled at how simple it was to load film on the ST ViewScan II and the intuitiveness of the ST Premium Software during the demo. We were also pleased to see how well the new colored units were received. If you would like to see how the ST ViewScan II can bring your microfilm into the digital world please contact us to set up a demo in your library.

The ST ViewScan II combines the qualities of our previous model, the ST ViewScan, with a modern and approachable look that would fit into any library. We listened to what you thought made the ST ViewScan a great operational microform scanner; whether it was the familiar and easy to use film controls on the unit, the simple film path which makes loading easy, the USB port on the machine or the large viewing area to see what page you are scanning. We then enhanced that with a sleek, new design and ergonomic handle.

We also added a new capability to the ST ViewScan II with our compact, high-powered camera. This allows the user to scan any and all microforms from 35mm to Ultrafiche. .

The ST Premium Software was launched at the Midwinter Conference in Seattle and has received many compliments on the updated features. First, a mode selection was added. The user can now choose how they want to use the ST ViewScan II. From simply browing and printing like the familiar reader printers to using all the features provided including ST Annotation and ST Clip Merge. Learn more about ST Premium Software here.
With the debut of the ST ViewScan II the librarian now has the ability to customize their scanner with any color they could possibily come up with. We were happy to see the surprise on so many faces that the ST ViewScan II was actually a microfilm/fiche viewer and scanner!

Thank you again for coming by our booth to see the ST ViewScan II. We hope you enjoy the new features this brings to your staff as well as your patrons. Both will be happy to discover how approachable and easy to use the ST ViewScan II really is! Contact us or find a reseller near you to set up a demo at your location.


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