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From the Genealogy’s Star Blog – Sunday, August 10, 2014

Matt Anderson of ST Imaging wrote to me about their products that interface directly with I believed that his letter would be of interest to my readers:

Hi James,
My name is Matt Anderson and work for the microfilm scanner manufacturing company ST Imaging. I noticed on Google Analytics that people have been coming to the ST Imaging website from your blog, Genealogy’s Star. While searching the Genealogy’s Star blog I saw the post about ScanPro integrating FamilySearch into their product offering. I wanted to make you aware that ST Imaging incorporated that feature into our software earlier this spring.

In addition to adding the FamilySearch function ST Imaging is making great strides in microfilm scanner technology. The fourth generation digital microfilm scanner and third in our ViewScan series was debuted at the ALA Annual Conference last month. The latest microfilm scanner to come to market, the ST ViewScan III uses a new 14 megapixel USB 3.0 camera to capture the images and retains all the favorite features of our previous scanner models.

The ST ViewScan III is genealogy friendly because of the unique features available. The ST ViewScan III has the fastest refresh with no pixilation and screen redrawing. Images appear in real time as the researcher scrolls through the roll of film, just like the old fashioned readers of the past.

ST Premium Software features an Image Bin that stores a researcher’s scans for easy on screen access. This also allows the researcher to access our Annotation feature that can add notes, highlight and draw attention to parts of the scan. ST Imaging also features ClipMerge allowing the researcher to create a composite image of multiple scans.

Once a scan is captured the ST Premium Software makes it extremely simple to share. Not only can they add it directly to their FamilySearch account the scans can also be sent to email, Google Drive, Dropbox as well as USB and any network printer.

The ST ViewScan III also features film control buttons on the scanner. These buttons are nearly identical to what are on the older microfilm reader printers making long time genealogical researchers feel very familiar with the scanner.

As you mentioned in your article, “there is still a huge need for improvements in microfilm scanners.” With ST Imaging’s continuous advancements we strive to make the easiest to use scanner while incorporating the technology to be able to make better scans of poor quality film and giving the user the fastest way to share their findings. We invite you to learn more about the ST ViewScan III as we think it is the best microfilm scanner available and that readers of your blog would be interested in knowing about the latest microfilm scanner as well.
ST ViewScan III
ST ViewScan III Press Release
ST ViewScan III Brochure
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Matt Anderson | Media and Marketing Manager

The BYU Family History Library, where I now work, has both ST Imaging scanners and the Scan Pro scanners. These are available for use by patrons free of charge if the images are stored on a flash drive. There is a charge for photocopies.

I thought the book scanner above looked interesting and included in in this post for that reason.


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