ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner with TRUE 14 mp camera

ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner with 14 Megapixel, USB 3.0 Camera

ST ViewScan III with MonitorAvailable in Universal, Fiche-only, and 3M capable models.

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ST Imaging’s ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner has changed the way that you will look at your microfilm collection! Utilizing an industry leading 14 megapixel color image sensor with USB 3.0 connection, the ST ViewScan III is capable of creating crisp and clear high resolution images from your microfilm collection.

“This new high resolution camera will allow users to see more details in the film as well as digitally zoom in closer than ever before” says Bruce Rennecker, Vice President of ST Imaging.  “Our microfilm viewer/scanner has always been known as the easiest system to use and now our native image quality is unmatched.”

The ST ViewScan III is the third generation of ST ViewScan microfilm scanners and the fourth digital microfilm scanner released by ST Imaging since 2003. Building off each previous model the ST ViewScan III combines the ease of use and familiar functionality with a technologically advanced 14 megapixel camera with a modern USB 3.0 Superspeed interface.

Another significant advancement that ST Imaging’s ST ViewScan III adds is full color microfilm scanning. While limited, color microfilm and microfiche does exist. In addition, the ST ViewScan III also creates fantastic images from 35mm color slides. The color scanning capability of the ST ViewScan III makes it a favorable multi-functional tool for most institutions.

With the ST ViewScan III, ST Imaging continues to raise the bar on microfilm scanner technology. In 2014 alone, ST Imaging has introduced OCLC interlibrary loan and FamilySearch integration with ST Premium Software.

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  1. John Lawlor July 4, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

    I had the pleasure of using this scanner at the Library of Congress while attending the On Native Grounds Institute there. It is an amazing integration of hardware and software that, for me, created PDFs of rare old MoHonk Conference meeting minutes and select articles from Variety Magazine. The software collects, orders, and facilitates cropping so that only the part of the screen you want is scanned. If my library won’t buy one, I will. It’s incredible for ease of use and image quality.

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