ST OCR Searchable Text Tools

The ST OCR Searchable Text Tools deliver world class OCR – Optical Character Recognition capability.

Our text recognition solution works both inside and beyond our ST ViewScan Microfilm Scanner Software program. At less than the price of a comparable desktop OCR software package, we provide multiple tools for creating searchable text. Graphics images, previously saved from any scanner or photo image file, can also be converted to searchable text. Unlike some other desktop OCR products, ours includes a license for an unlimited volume of pages you can convert without additional royalties, subscriptions, or fees.

Like a High Performance Car, a better engine delivers better performance. Our software that works in XP, Windows 32 and Windows 64 environments is constructed using Microsoft and Intel 64 bit software protocol. That means that it is more efficient, fast, and effective compared to even more expensive and well known OCR software products that have been on the market for quite some time, but are based on older 32 bit technology.

Now OCR in 40 different languages!

Here are four ways we deliver fast, easy, and powerful performance with ST OCR Searchable Text Tools:

  • Just like our market leading automated Target Area Enhance feature, OCR can be applied immediately to any live image or series of pages selected during the viewing of microfilm pages.
  • FIND: Enter a word or phrase as you would do in an Adobe PDF document. It will highlight all occurrences of any word.
  • COPY: Because the text has been converted, you can also copy it into Wikipedia, Google Search, or anywhere you would be able to drop a captured or phrase that you would select from an Adobe PDF page.
  • At the same time you can use the Target Area Enhance to improve the appearance of photos, damaged or dark regions of film before you try to capture them.
  • Automatic Creation of Searchable PDF Documents: Only ST Imaging’s Exclusive Captured Image Bin feature allows you to see each page added to your collection of pages before you file them. You can then select which ones you want to print, save to any standard format, or convert to a Searchable PDF document.
  • One click will select from all the images, only those you want to use, apply OCR, and then create Single Page or Multi-Page Searchable PDF document in a fully automatic background process.
  • Sometimes you want to see what is going on during the conversion process. You want to be able to fine tune the areas of a page that are converted into text zones, image or photo content. You want to examine the results of the conversion process and fine tune and edit the output.
  • The OCR Selected Pages Icon: Launches the Hands On-OCR Editing Tool. This allows you to bring the conversion process to the foreground. Images you select from your collection of captured microfilm pages waiting to be distributed can be submitted to the OCR program, and the process is brought to the foreground. You can make changes, and you can correct your output for any errors prior to saving.
  • OCR Existing Image Tool: provides a robust and easy to use tool for converting almost any graphics image files to searchable text documents. Just use the Desktop Icon to launch the “OCR Existing Image” Tool. Submit your images from any popular image file format, and ST OCR will go to work converting your files to text searchable PDF documents, Word Documents, Rich Text and more. If those pages need enhancement, these features are also available to Deskew, Despeckle, Invert, Undither, Fill Characters, and much more. You can make changes, and you can correct your text output results for any errors or missing text prior to saving. This can be a foreground process that allows you to view and edit the results, or a completely automated background process.

Together, all of the powerful tools and performance in the ST OCR Searchable Text Tools provide a great compliment to the ST ViewScan system. Contact ST Imaging, or your authorized local reseller, to find out how easy it is to add this program to your ST ViewScan system.