ST Imaging Announces Remote Access and Viewing of Microfilm Libraries

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ST Imaging
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ST Imaging Announces Remote Access and Viewing of Microfilm Libraries

–Now microfilm libraries can be viewed from anywhere in the world with Internet access—

Northbrook IL, October 6, 2011 –ST Imaging (STI) (, a technology provider of micrographics and book scanning technology, announces technology to access and view microfilm libraries from anywhere in the world with Internet availability.

“Gone are the days in which a person had to physically go to the film library to view the rolls of film.  Now, with the use of STI technology and the Internet, a person can view film libraries located anywhere in the world from any other location in the world via our remote access functionality,” said Dan Donaldson, director, imaging products for STI.

Not only can the microfilm be accessed and viewed remotely, in addition, selected images can also be scanned and emailed to the viewer through the technology.  Whether it is a professor or student across campus from the library, or an attorney on the other side of the world, film libraries are no longer bound within the walls of the film archive.  All of the functionality of the STI ViewScan PC is available to viewers through an Internet connection to that PC.  Requests can be sent to have the desired film roll loaded onto the system and then through or any other remote access software system, the user can view and select images to scan and send.

For more information about STI’s remote access feature or other microfilm products, visit us at www., or call (856) 885-6152; or email

About ST Imaging

ST Imaging is a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of micrographic and other collection scanning solutions. Founded in 1989, the company was acquired in 1999 by Digital Check Corp, a provider of distributed-capture check scanners for the financial industry. In 2004 ST introduced the revolutionary all digital ST200 digital film viewer and scanner, replacing the old reader/printers and changing the way library customers look at film.

In 2010, ST Imaging introduced the new ST ViewScan library film scanner. It incorporates the latest hardware and software technologies to enhance the scanning process for patrons while dramatically reducing the size of the scanner.  The product line was also expanded to include the new Touch screen Book Scanner.

The company manufactures and distributes film and book scanners that are available worldwide through a network of Authorized Resellers and are supported by ST Imaging’s comprehensive fulfillment, training, support, warranty and repair services.


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