Top Reasons to Choose the ST ViewScan 4 to Replace Old Microfilm Reader/Printers


Many researchers, librarians, library patrons and genealogists are familiar with older microfilm reader/printers (similar to the one on the right) but the usefulness of those machines is coming to the end. While much effort is being put towards repairing these old machines the fact is that those parts are hard to come by and the microfilm collections at those locations are in jeopardy of being lost forever. A suitable replacement is needed for the microfilm reader/printer that is both natural and comfortable to the user as well as bringing the microfilm collection into the digital world.

Here are the top 19 reasons to use the new ST ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner over old and outdated reader/printers.

  1. ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner replaces old reader/printersPerfectFocus™ – Images remain in focus as you optically or digitally zoom.
  2. Enjoy the ease of using digital documents. Save and share these documents directly from ST Imaging software to the following locations:
    1. USB drive
    2. Email
    3. Google Drive
    4. Dropbox
    5. FamilySearch
    6. OCLC Interlibrary Loans – ILLiad and Odyssey
  3. On-Board PC Option securely connects to base of the scanner with software preinstalled.
  4. Images can always be viewed as a positive image regardless if film is positive or negative.
  5. Create COLOR scans of film and slides. Patrons can convert old slides to full color digital images.
  6. Print from any Windows Printer.
  7. The cropping option allows users to select only the information they require, instead of the full page.
  8. Scan a full page or selected portions in one second.
  9. Familiar film controls on the scanner, similar to reader/printers, as well as virtual buttons in the software program.
  10. Edit the image to your liking prior to sharing.
  11. No need to change lenses. One lens captures all media from microfiche, 16mm & 35mm film.
  12. Digitally zoom in and out with one mouse click. Instantly zoom for greater detail.
  13. The ST ViewScan 4 displays real-time images, which is customary to users.
  14. Loading microfilm is easier than on older reader printers. Reel mounts easily accessible.
  15. Users can easily see where their fiche, film and aperture cards are located because very little scanner equipment is in the way.
  16. ClipMerge™ – Combine and size multiple scans to one page!
  17. ST Annotation™ – Add notes, highlights, titles, bibliographies and more directly to your scans.
  18. The ViewScan system requires half the space of the old reader/printer.
  19. The ViewScan system uses only half the energy of the old reader/printer.

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