ViewScan 4. The Clear Choice.

The Ideal Replacement for
Your Outdated Microfilm Machine

Dealing with an old clunky microfilm machine is quickly becoming more challenging.  Many organizations keep their old microfilm machines in service far beyond their expected product lifespans. Most of these microfilm machines with either expired or non-renewable service contracts are becoming difficult, if not impossible to support due to the shortage of replacement parts.

ST Imaging’s ViewScan 4, is a modern microfilm scanner, designed to deliver all of the functionalities of your old microfilm machine in addition to new modern features that will streamline your microfilm user-experience! The ViewScan system requires less than one-third of the space and energy of your old microfilm machine. 

A Microfilm Machine for the Modern Digital Age

ViewScan 4, Microfilm Scanner

The ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner delivers intuitive easy-to-use software controls that make microfilm viewing and image retrieval the easiest task for even the most inexperienced user. To increase user-familiarity, the front of the ViewScan 4 carrier boasts near-identical film controls that mimic those on your old microfilm machine. Watch the video to see how the ViewScan’s ease-of-use transforms the way users work with microfilm!

Working with Microfilm on the ViewScan 4 is Easy…

4 step graphic vs4 microfilm


Easily Load Any Film Format onto the Scanner

ViewScan’s sleek open face design enables the easiest film loading for virtually all film formats. A film loading guide is etched directly on the front of the carrier simplifying the process for any unfamiliar walk-up patron.


Browse Clear, Focused Images, All the Time
The ViewScan 4 microfilm scanner produces crisp and clear high-resolution images, even while browsing — all the time. Users can easily read headlines without waiting for the image to refresh with images streaming live from our 18-megapixel image sensor.


Save High-Resolution Images in Any Digital Format
Easily share scanned images up to 300 DPI from the image bin and output to multiple formats without rescanning, such as to print, email, and to save to an archive location. Save to many standard formats including JPEG, PNG, PDF-A, TIFF, Multipage PDF and more!


Share Discoveries Directly from Software

Enjoy the ease of using digital documents. Save and send images directly from the software to any of the following locations: Printer, USB drive, Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more!

The Benefits of Transitioning to a
Modern Microfilm Machine are Endless

Operate the Scanner with Little to No Training

PerfectView software boasts a user-friendly interface that streamlines the browsing, editing, and sharing of images with easy-to-learn color-coded functions. In fact, combined with our familiar, user-friendly hardware, it takes almost no time to master the ViewScan 4.

Reduce Wasted Space and Save Energy

The ViewScan system requires less than a third of the space and energy of your old microfilm machine. The ViewScan 4 is designed with materials not detrimental to the earth and features like silent operation, automatic sleep mode, and power-down functions. Add-on a mini-pc that attaches to the base for a cleaner more efficient workspace!

Scans Virtually All Film Formats in Grayscale or Color

Browse and capture images from virtually all film formats including 16mm or 35mm microfilm rolls, microfiche, aperture cards and more!  ViewScan’s PerfectView software produces compact files with stunning quality whether scanning in black and white or grayscale. Use ST Premium Software for color scanning.

Compatible with Modern Technologies

The ViewScan 4 can be connected to any existing PC that meets minimum specification requirements and is connected to a secured network. Connect to your network printer and print images on paper or go green and decrease paper consumption with one of the many SmartShare tools that allow users to send digital copies of scanned images directly to any recipient or location with one click of a mouse.

A Supported Microfilm Machine
For Years to Come…

Standard Components for Lower
Maintenance Costs

One of the big concerns with old microfilm machines is that spare parts are becoming exceedingly rare and costly. Parts for old microfilm machines are so unique, and so difficult to find because in many cases they are no longer being produced by the original manufacturer. Once production has stopped, those spare parts are the last there ever will be, in turn leading to a shortage of parts and drastic influx in cost. Since the ViewScan 4 uses modern mass-produced components, they cost the same as regular scanners parts so your organization won’t have to break the bank for replacement parts.

Product Longevity and Guaranteed Serviceability

Many old microfilm machines have been out of production for years, diminishing the availability of extra parts. This has made old reader/printers unserviceable and inoperable. The ViewScan 4 is proud to be produced today in Meridian, ID. Service and components for the ViewScan 4 will remain available for many years.

When You Choose ViewScan 4
You Gain an Award-Winning User-Experience

Awarded an unprecedented seventh consecutive platinum distinction award from the Modern Library Awards, the ViewScan 4 is the undefeated champion of microfilm scanners ranked best in its class by librarians six years running. ST Imaging® is the only microfilm scanner manufacturer to have won the Platinum MLA all seven years, doubling the distinction of any competitive scanner.

See first-hand how the ViewScan 4
Modern Microfilm Machine will transform
the way you work with microfilm!

Contact your local ST Imaging reseller for a complimentary virtual or on-site ViewScan 4 demonstration.