Digital Check announces the Purchase of nextScan and Strategic Partnership with ST Imaging

New alliance will create a comprehensive ECM and Micrographics Conversion Solutions provider

NORTHBROOK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ST Imaging (ST), (, a division of Digital Check® and technology provider of digital microfilm and book scanning technology, has acquired nextScan Inc., the industry’s top manufacturer of high performance production Microfilm Scanners and Workflow Software Technology. “This is a combination of two leading microfilm system manufacturers that will allow both companies to offer new products and services to their existing customers and micrographic users,” says Tom Anderson, president and CEO of Digital Check.

nextScan, (, is a world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion field and has traditionally served the very high end market for film conversion. nextScan’s systems are designed to capture and process images at up to 2,000 frames per minute and are known for their exceptional image quality. “This acquisition by Digital Check will be of significant benefit to both nextScan and ST Imaging. By combining resources and technology, nextScan and ST Imaging will soon be able to offer the fastest conversion speeds and feature rich imaging enhancement software to all segments in the micrographics marketplace from small public libraries to the largest governmental or private conversion projects,” says Kurt Breish, president and CEO of nextScan Inc., Boise, ID.

“The mission and corporate direction of both ST Imaging and nextScan have historically been to lower the cost of microfilm and microfiche conversion and provide increased access to film libraries. This new partnership will enable large and complex conversion projects to be financially feasible,” says Bruce Rennecker, vice president and general manager of ST Imaging.

nextScan will continue operating out of its offices in Boise, ID, as a division of Digital Check. Current customers of both companies will see no change in their relationship or interactions with the companies.

For more information about the ST ViewScan III or other microfilm products, visit us at, or call (847) 501-3344; or email

About ST Imaging

ST Imaging is a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of micrographic equipment and other collection scanning solutions. Founded in 1989, the company was acquired in 1999 by Digital Check Corp. In 2004, ST Imaging introduced the revolutionary all digital ST200 film scanner, changing the way library customers view film.

The company’s flagship product, the ST ViewScan film scanner, set the standard for making film scanning easy and accessible to the public. ST ViewScan systems incorporate the latest technology to improve viewing, scanning, editing, and sharing of microfilm within libraries, schools, government, business, and other collections. The ST ViewScan III offers the highest resolution color camera in the digital reader/printer market.

The Chicago suburb company’s products are available through a worldwide network of authorized resellers and are supported by ST Imaging’s comprehensive fulfillment, training, support, warranty, and repair services.

About nextScan

nextScan is a world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry. Incorporated in 2002, nextScan was established to give the microfilm and microfiche conversion market a high performance alternative to existing technologies. nextScan’s innovative patented products are designed and built with simplicity and functionality to increase user production and lower overall costs for scanning film and fiche.

Designed with cutting edge components – the latest in camera, lighting, image correction, and nextScan’s pioneering “Ribbon” scanning software, NextStar PLUS. nextScan products provide a full conversion solution that far exceeds the speed, functionality, and return on investment when compared to other scanners in the market. With over 80 years of combined Micrographics Development experience, nextScan’s lead engineers are proud to bring you the next generation of high performance Scanners and Software Solutions.

Read nextScan’s press release here.


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