Color Slide Scanning on the ST ViewScan III

Your Microfilm Scanner Should Do More Than Scan Microfilm!

Color Slide Scanning from the ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner!

When your library replaces the old reader/printer with the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner it has installed more than just a microfilm scanner, it has also installed a color slide scanner!

Invite your community to scan their color slide collection at the library.

  • Back up their color slides digitally
  • Gives people a way to view their memories if they do not have a slide projector and carousel
  • Print color photos from slides
  • Create precious family gifts

If your library needs to replace an old microfilm reader/printer, the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner is your ideal solution. Not only does the scanner create the best scans of your microfilm collection but also has the added benefit of full color slide scanning!

Color SLide scanning from the ST ViewScan III

Download your flyer here.

Request more information and to setup an on-site demonstration.

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