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Microfilm Still Matters in the Digital Age

by Brandi Scardili for Information Today, Inc. Difficult as it may be to believe in this digital world, the microfilm business is still going strong. ProQuest, which has the largest commercially available microform collection in the world, adds millions of microfilm images each year. The New York Public Library and other institutions continue to house microfilm for their patrons. And companies such as ST Imaging create new products that make microfilm viewing a simple, easy-to-use process for researchers. Read

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FamilySearch and ST ViewScan Premium

For over 100 years genealogists have relied on vital micrographic records to aid them in their research. While many resources are available digitally, millions of images remain only on microfilm. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records on microfilm worldwide. It now provides a way to freely search millions of records, create a family tree, and preserve and share your family story. Today this

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DTI Integrated Business Solutions Becomes an ST Imaging Microfilm Scanner Partner

DTI is excited to announce our new partnership with ST Imaging, a leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of microfilm scanners and other micrographic collection scanning solutions. ST Imaging is a logical microfilm and microfiche scanner solution replacement for old Canon, Minolta, and other microform manufacturers. “We look forward to partnering with ST Imaging to deliver a new age of micrographic imaging technology to our clients that range from various industries including; libraries, government, education, and healthcare to name a few,” says DTI

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