Your outdated ViewScan II into a
brand new ViewScan III!

Get THE BEST From Your Upgrade:

  • Improved Camera
  • Windows 10 OS Upgrade
  • Eliminate Outdated FireWire and
    Get Easier Data Transfer with USB 3.0 Connection
  • Enhanced Software Capabilities
Transform Your User Experience...

When you upgrade your ViewScan II into a ViewScan III users will get the greatest features from earlier models and an all new, enhanced microfilm user experience; from improved image quality, added color scanning capabilities, faster data transfer, and new Premium software features!

Improved Image Quality

New image sensor captures high-resolution images up to 300 DPI and improves image quality by more than 2.8X.

Color Scanning Capabilities

The new image sensor delivers color scanning capabilities so you can capture vibrant images from color microfilm or microfiche slides.

Faster Data Transfer

Upgrade to a Windows 10 Operating System, eliminate outdated FireWire, and get easier data transfer with a USB 3.0 Connection.

New Software Features

All new smart sharing tools allow users to save and send images to OCLC, FamilySearch, email, Google Drive, and DropBox directly from Premium software.


ViewScan II ViewScan III
Camera & Image Sensor
5MP Monochrome FireWire® Camera
  • Limited to Grayscale and bi-tonal
    scans only
14 MP Color Image Sensor
  • 280% Greater Image Resolution
  • Color Scanning Capabilities in addition
    to grayscale and bi-tonal
  • Create high-resolution scans at 300 dpi
  • Software selectable up to 1200 dpi and beyond
Camera Connection
USB 2.0 Connection
USB 3.0 Superspeed
  • More Reliable Faster Connection
Premium Software

Premium Software with Upgrades

  • New Smart Sharing Tools. Easily print, save to a USB, Google Drive, Dropbox or email directly from the ST Premium Software.
  • Easy-to-use and Easy-to-Learn Functions
  • Rapid Advance View and Scan - Select the number of frames you would like the scanner to advance or reverse and automatically
    arrive at that location on the roll of film.

Our authorized resellers are skillful in providing custom upgrade solutions to ensure you get the most from your investment! Contact us for more information, trade-in options, or pricing.