ST Cruise Control

ST ViewScan III’s Exclusive way to Automatically Scan Images from 16mm and 35mm Rolls of Microfilm

ST Cruise Control SoftwareThe optional ST Cruise Control Max software allows users to automatically capture a few pages or a whole roll of microfilm with minimal effort:

  • Scan up to 40 pages per minute.*
  • Only ST Imaging’s exclusive CCAI Artificial Intelligence eliminates most false edge detection errors caused by photos and other difficult content.
  • High quality and high speed imaging results from exclusive ability to capture each 14 megapixel image multiple times per second and produce images that are up to 58 Megapixels in size.
  • Capture images directly to a folder, or send them to ST’s Captured Image Bin for further review and editing.
  • Auto-Crops to remove black borders.
  • Extensive selection of saving formats:
    • PDF, TIFF, TIFF compressed, JPG, PNG, PDF Multi-Page, Tiff Multi-Page and JPG 2000        
  • Automatically re-apply optimum saved settings for specific film collections
  • Auto scan the complete roll or any number of images.
  • Support any number of digitization projects, interlibrary loan or web sharing requirements
  • Cruise Control Max includes Rapid Advance© at no additional charge.

Now with Rapid Advance©
ST Imaging’s exclusive Rapid Advance is truly amazing. Before automatically scanning you may want to advance the film to a particular group of images. Rapid Advance finds and moves to those images faster than the normal operation of any desktop scanner. It can also be used when just browsing to automatically move to the next, previous or any number of pages forward or back.

Is Cruise Control Max Right for You?
Cruise Control Lite is actually full featured software, it does not watermark the images and it is not slowed down or limited in its performance like other products on the market. This lite version will allow scanning of an unlimited volume, it will just limit the automated process to scanning 10 images at a time. This will allow you to test the full power and the capability to effectively use automated scanning with your film at no additional charge. If Cruise Control meets your needs it can be updated to a full Max version by purchasing a license to immediately unlock ST Cruise Control Max unlimited images per session scanning

*Microfilm content varies widely. Pages may be simplex or duplex, negative or positive. Speed of capture results may vary.