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UC9 Universal Carrier

The ST Imaging UC9 Universal Carrier is designed to works with 35MM and 16MM roll film, microfiche and micro cards. The carrier is designed to work on Canon and Minolta reader/printers and includes the necessary rails for easy installation. Contact us today to find out if the UC9 will work for you.



The UC9 is no longer manufactured or sold

ST Imaging UC9 Universal Carriers are designed to provide complete film control for most reader/printer environments. Designed for public, the carrier has many features that help patron use it with minimal instructions.

  • Easy Loading film path
  • Roll film movement control keys
    • Fast browse left and right to quickly navigate to the area of  interest
    • Slow browse left and right for easy reading to locate information
  • Fine roll film adjustment knobs
    • Located on left and right motor housings
    • Used to find tune film position under camera
  • Easy high speed rewind
    • Pull the carrier all the way forward to engage film rewind
    • Automatically lifts glass to ensure film is not toughing carrier while rewinding
  • On/Off switch with power indicator
  • Easy to hold carrier handle

The UC9 Carrier is uses the same robust motors used in carriers for over 20 years and the all steel construction will ensure a long and service free life.


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