70mm Microfilm Scanning on the ST ViewScan 4 - ST Imaging

70mm Microfilm Scanning on the ST ViewScan 4

Finally! A 70mm microfilm and microfiche scanner

Microfilm comes in all shapes and sizes, and at ST Imaging, we find solutions for getting digital access to your historic film. In addition to our standard aperture card and fiche scanners, a specialized scanner has been developed for just 70mm microfilm. Using our ViewScan 4 system with the appropriate lens and illumination, we can capture the entire 70mm microfilm negative, allowing you to edit and share the information in our Premium Microfilm Scanning software. The image can then be saved in all the popular file formats.

The scanner can be configured to allow loading more than one negative at a time, inevitably saving time loading and unloading film from the carrier. If the film has a roll or curl to it from years of storage, the removable top glass will hold it flat for a perfect image.

Digital Image Storage

If you need a way to save and organize digital images, we offer a film archive in which the images can be saved for easy access and retrieval.

70mm Microfilm Conversion

If your project calls for the conversion of many rolls of 70mm microfilm, our sister division (nextScan) makes a microfilm roll scanner that can digitize the entire roll in minutes. Whatever your microfilm needs, ST Imaging is here to help.

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