ST ViewScan Premium Software



The ST ViewScan system includes the best hardware and newest and best software solution:

  • Intuitive Windows Desktop Application Look and Feel for ease of use
  • Unique and Secure Admin Control
  • Exclusively offering the convenience of viewing enhanced digital live images on a PC screen before scan, reviewing without leaving the application after capture, and before saving or printing output.
  • High-quality imaging with no pixilation while redrawing pages
  • Fastest capture speed (300 dpi or more in less than a second)
  • Enhanced viewing that eliminates viewing negative images, scratches and dust
  • Unmatched power and ease of use:
    • Fast browsing
    • Optical zooming and amazing Digital Auto Zoom®
    • Scissor Cut™ enhanced cropping and template masking features
    • Auto Enhanced saving
    • At-a-Glance thumbnails of captured images
    • Easy and versatile file management
    • ICIR® (Immediate Captured Image Review)
    • Secure Public and Private Email and Google Drive
    • Remote Film Access enabled
    • CBORD pay per scan integration included
    • Optional Cruise Control Automated Scanning
    • Optional ST OCR Plus Search and Text Conversion

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