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In today’s world there is a demand for fast answers for those with questions. This applies to information contained in your film archives and is why the ST ViewScan II System is the ideal replacement for the old Canon or Minolta reader printers. The ViewScan II system allows the user to easily load and browse the film to find the information that is needed.

In addition to roll film, the ST ViewScan II is also the best scanner for your fiche, microfiche, ultrafiche and microcard scanning needs. With the largest viewing area of any scanner on the market the ST ViewScan II is ideal for micro records that are not on roll film. For more information, contact us or your authorized reseller in your area today.

Once the image is identified it can be easily captured and shared any number of ways. These include the familiar print mode, saving to a USB drive (with a port located on the ST ViewScan II), e-mail, Google Drive, Dropbox, OCLC and FamilySearch. Regardless of the original film capture magnification, ST ViewScan II can easily capture the image.

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More About ViewScan II

If your business has a mixed film environment, you will find the ViewScan II system can handle all types of film. That includes 3M cartridges. The 3M film option allows you to quickly switch between standard rolls and 3M cartridges with minimal effort.

Just as important as the ability to find the archived information, is the ability to create a high quality image and optionally annotate it with relative information. The ViewScan II system gives you extensive editing and image enhancement capabilities to help you restore old film records quickly. So regardless of the type of film or age, the information can be retrieved.

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35mm & 16mm Mirocfilm, Microfiche, Ultrafiche, Aperture Cards, 16mm Film Cartridges (optional)

ST Imaging ViewScan II Film Types


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